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MixerApi CRUD


Version Build Coverage MixerApi CakePHP Minimum PHP Version License: MIT

This experimental plugin provides CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) services to your RESTful APIs controller actions using CakePHP's dependency injection container.

  • Perform most crud operations with a single line of code.
  • Includes a bake theme for quick scaffolding.
  • Automatically serializes data into JSON, XML, etc.
  • Automatically enforces allowed requests $this-request->allowMethod()
  • Crud plays nicely with existing MixerApi plugins, Pagination, CakePHP Search and may be installed on its own too.
  • Uses Interfaces so you can swap out with your own implementation down the line.
  • Requires CakePHP ^4.2 compatible projects.

You may also want to look at CakePHP Crud which doesn't rely on experimental code. If you're using this plugin without MixerApi/ExceptionRender or for a non-API projects read below.


composer require mixerapi/crud
bin/cake plugin load MixerApi/Crud

Alternatively after composer installing you can manually load the plugin in your Application:

# src/Application.php
public function bootstrap(): void

See Plugin Options for additional configurations.


Once enabled, the following services may be injected into your controller actions.

use MixerApi\Crud\Interfaces\{CreateInterface, ReadInterface, UpdateInterface, DeleteInterface, SearchInterface};
Interface Injected Service Use-cases
CreateInterface MixerApi\Crud\Service\Create add() actions
ReadInterface MixerApi\Crud\Service\Read view() actions
UpdateInterface MixerApi\Crud\Service\Update edit() actions
DeleteInterface MixerApi\Crud\Service\Delete delete() actions
SearchInterface MixerApi\Crud\Service\Search index() actions

All Crud services infer the table name from the controller, you can change the table name by calling the setTableName($name) method.

If you are using MixerApi\ExceptionRender then an event will catch validation errors and handle the response for you, otherwise a MixerApi\Crud\Exception\ResourceWriteException is thrown.

See below regarding path parameters if your path parameter is not id.


public function add(CreateInterface $create)
    $this->set('data', $create->save($this));


public function view(ReadInteface $read)
    $this->set('data', $read->read($this));


public function edit(UpdateInterface $update)
    $this->set('data', $update->save($this));


public function edit(DeleteInterface $delete)
    return $delete->delete($this)->respond(); // calling respond() is optional

The Search service works with Pagination and optionally with CakePHP Search.


public function index(SearchInterface $search)
    $this->set('data', $search->search($this));

To use CakePHP Search initialize the component as normal in your controllers initialize() method. For custom CakePHP Search collections call the setCollection($name) method:

$this->set('data', $search->setCollection('collection_name')->search($this));

Return a CakePHP Query object instead:

$query = $search->query($this);

Bake Theme

Crud comes with its own bake template for scaffolding your controllers, just add --theme MixerApi/Crud, example:

bin/cake bake controller all --theme MixerApi/Crud


Serialization is handled by a Controller.beforeRender listener. It serializes the first viewVar found for all CRUD operations and will not run for non-crud operations. See Options for disabling serialization.

Allowed HTTP Methods

Allowed methods is handled by a Controller.initialize listener. See Plugin Options for disabling or modifying the defaults.

Action HTTP method(s)
index get
view get
add post
edit post, put, and patch
delete delete

You may also call setAllowMethods($methods) on any service to overwrite the default behavior. This accepts a string or any array as an argument just like the native $request->allowedMethods().

Plugin Options

You may customize functionality by passing in an options array when adding the plugin.

# src/Application.php

public function bootstrap(): void
    $this->addPlugin('MixerApi/Crud', $options);

Customize allowed HTTP methods:

$options = [
    'allowedMethods' => [
        'add' => ['post'],
        'edit' => ['patch'],
        'delete' => ['delete'],

To disable automatic $request->allowMethod() entirely:

$options = [
    'allowedMethods' => []

Disable automatic serialization:

$options = [
    'doSerialize' => false, // default is true


Path Parameters

If your path parameter for the resource is not id then pass the identifier as the second argument:

public function view(ReadInteface $read, string $id)
    $this->set('data', $read->read($this, $id));

The above also works for Update and Delete.

Other Usages

This plugin works best with API projects using MixerApi/ExceptionRender which uses events to set the response in the event of an error. If your project isn't using ExceptionRender or you're not an API you can write a custom exception renderer and look for ResourceWriteException, then alter the viewVars output using the EntityInterface from ResourceWriteException::getEntity().

Read the CakePHP Custom ExceptionRenderer documentation for more information.