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Streamline development of modern RESTful APIs for your teams CakePHP project. Designed around a component-based architecture, MixerAPI enables developers to pick and choose the functionality they need for developing REST APIs.

Check out the live demo and browse the demo source code for examples.

Live Demo Demo Code


  • Rapid Prototyping: Scaffold your API in seconds with a custom Bake template geared towards modern REST architecture.
  • OpenAPI: Automatically generates OpenAPI from your existing code into Swagger and Redoc. Attributes provided, but not required.
  • Error Handling: Integrates with Validator and renders exceptions in XML or JSON.
  • Data Formats: Integrates with Paginator and formats responses in JSON, XML, HAL+JSON, or JSON-LD.
  • Integrations: Integrates well with other CakePHP 4 compatible plugins such as Bake, Search, and more!
  • Minimalist Configuration: Built for developing, not writing YAML configurations. Most components require zero configuration files.
  • Non-opinionated: Develop your way.


You can install MixerAPI with composer into a new or existing project or start fresh with the application skeleton.

App Skeleton

The application skeleton is a dockerized template to get your going quickly. Fork and clone mixerapi/app to get started.

Skeleton Install Workflow


Simply run composer and follow the steps in the install guide.

composer require mixerapi/mixerapi

Install Workflow


Contributions are welcome via mixerapi/mixerapi-dev