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MixerAPI will not change your CakePHP workflows and is designed to augment your Cake development experience. Whether its Models, Controllers, Authentication, Authorization, Pagination, Events or anything else you love about CakePHP — MixerAPI is built to power the web, not get you caught in one.


Assuming your initial planning is complete, a typical workflow for building your APIs would involve, but not be limited to:

  • Defining your schema using migrations.
  • Baking your initial scaffolding using bake in conjunction with the MixerAPI/Bake theme.
  • Building your validations which not only provide input validation, but are also used to power your OpenAPI definitions and some response formats.
  • Building your RESTful routes with or without MixerAPI/Rest.
  • Begin development using SwaggerUI as the interface to your API, though you can import the generated OpenAPI JSON into Postman as well.
  • Setting up Authentication and Authorization.
  • Integrate Search into your API.
  • Decide on which Response Formats you want to support.
  • While of course writing unit tests a long the way.
  • And installing additional CakePHP plugins as needed.


If you find bugs or errors in the documentation, please report them to the mixerapi/mixerapi-dev (or submit a PR).