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MixerAPI can be installed in your existing CakePHP project using composer.

composer require mixerapi/mixerapi
bin/cake plugin load MixerApi

Running plugin load MixerApi simply adds the plugin to your Application::boostrap like so:

# src/Application.php
public function bootstrap(): void
    // other logic...


There are just a few steps to perform after installation.

OpenAPI (Swagger)

After install you will need to define a few configurations for the SwaggerBake. If you are not splitting your API into plugins then the installer will handle this for you.

bin/cake swagger install

For setups that have split their applications into APIs check out the manual installation instructions. This is also a great time to learn about the amazing functionality it offers.

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Exception Rendering

This is optional, but provides some improvements on the default CakePHP exceptions. In your config/app.php file change the default exceptionRenderer:

'Error' => [
    'errorLevel' => E_ALL,
    'exceptionRenderer' => MixerApi\ExceptionRender\MixerApiExceptionRenderer::class,
    'skipLog' => [],
    'log' => true,
    'trace' => true,

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Bake Your API Skeleton

You can bake your entire application using the MixerApi/Bake theme. This time saver is of course optional.

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RESTful Routes

Skip building routes while you are learning MixerAPI with AutoRouter.

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What's Next?

Check out the Getting Started documentation and skim the other MixerAPI packages.

Getting Started